Kite Pharma

    Project Details
    As a Commissioning Engineer I am responsible for design reviews, commissioning and inspections of the work of Kropman Contamination Control (KCC), subcontractors and suppliers. I support the commsioning team in writing out SAT & ISAT validation protocols for the electrical and mechanical installations for the project, Kite Pharma in Hoofddorp.

    The building has more than 10,000 m2 of production space including office and storage space.
    Broadly speaking, it consists of CRITICAL and NON-CRITICAL installations, including:
    – Energy building (UPS / DRUPS / Generator), Solar panels and Thermal storage;
    – Utilities installations, HVAC / Water mist / Mediacal gases / electrical / data / security / BMS /
    – Cleanrooms and Laboratories
    – Offices, Logistics departments and

    Soon in Hoofddorp, biotech company Kite Pharma, part of American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, will employ around three hundred people in a factory for cell therapy against cancer.

    A large production location is being built in Hoofddorp (near Schiphol). It is an ultra-modern factory where the company will make cell therapies against cancer. Cell therapy is intended for patients with severe forms of lymph node cancer. Kite Pharma will soon produce a form of immunotherapy. Immune cells of European patients are, as it were, reprogrammed so that they can recognize and clean up the cancer tumor. Ultimately, the company hopes that cell therapy is suitable for multiple forms of cancer.

    The site, which must be fully operational by 2020, will provide cell therapies throughout Europe.