The ‘Sherlock Holmes from North Holland’ cooperative and controlling

    Commissioning is more than just a technique. It involves also people. Do all previously made (partial) reports match and all the other documents? From the fire safety plan till the flow-thru report and from the installation scheme till the evacuation plan: The ‘wolf from Winkel’ judges not only the separate papers, but also if they are consistent. Cross connections are made between various documents, the responsible people and those who will have to deal with them in the future.

    This is the second phase of the work in which the ‘Sherlock Holmes from North Holland’ is developing himself gradually into the leader of a passionate team: i.e. only together you can come to a top result. But this must be done in a partnership without restraints. In which each participant has to prove himself and to ensure that he is to deliver good work and/or is capable of handling it. A mentality of 

    survival of the fittest that Bertus Toering daily is imposing on himself with a strict discipline from early in the morning until late in the evening. This is absolutely necessary, because overseeing any small detail in the entire network might cost human lives.

    When the eye of the “Eagle of Purmerend” looks at you during the commissioning process, it’s all about one question: are you up for the task?