Senior counselor


    The Architecture and Technology department of the Central Government Real Estate Agency advises on installations in comprehensive new construction and renovation projects, among other things. Think for example of offices, prisons, courts, barracks, museums, palaces, airports or monuments. We do this for both traditional and integrated contracts. You work in multidisciplinary advisory teams in which you work closely together.

    Job description

    There are major challenges in the field of optimal safety, technical innovation / digitization and the far-reaching sustainability of the entire portfolio. Our consultants work from their passion for technology and architecture. In this position, these are the tasks:

    • Advising on the electrical installations of real estate objects
    • Analyzing the technical customer question and next to this critical questioning and describing the core of the question
    • Testing the feasibility of the intended project goals and results
    • Translate the project goals into a technical program of requirements, with which orders can be given to designing and executing parties.
    • Testing the quality in the design and realization phase, both for traditional and for integrated contracts and make adjustments where necessary
    • Ensuring integrality and interfaces management

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