DBCA is now officially a fact

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    The Dutch Building Commissioning Association (DBCA) foundation, to which ET Management and Advice is affiliated, has been officially established. Last week (end of June 2021) the DBCA was officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The goal now is to generate more publicity and to give the foundation nationwide prominence as the official standard-bearer -and thus quality guard- of commissioning services and companies within the Netherlands.

    The DBCA is pursuing this course in close cooperation with partners and stakeholders, such as ET Management and Advice. These are partly parties that are committed to the mission of the DBCA, but more importantly, they are all commissioning specialists from whom the DBCA derives its status. These specialists, such as ET Management and Advice, give the DBCA the stature of, on the one hand, an institute that sets the framework and provides oversight and, on the other hand, a role as a figurehead for the professional companies in the commissioning profession. So that the quality of building performance, construction processes, buildings and installations can be guaranteed, but also cost savings through the reduction of failure costs.

    And then there are goals that are largely idealistic in nature, such as contributing to a healthier work climate, better job performance and better energy performance. This also contributes to the transition to a sustainable society.


    To achieve all this, the Dutch Building Commissioning Association (DBCA) has taken the initiative to establish a recognized register for the positions of Commissioning Specialist, Manager and Authority. The registration is carried out by Sertum, and ET Management and Advice has been included in this quality certificate for accredited real estate maintenance experts since the beginning of 2021. This is no mean feat: for inclusion in the Commissioning Specialist register, successful completion of the TVVL Commissioning Specialist exam is required. In addition, past results only have a limited validity: participants in the Commissioning Specialist course who pass the exam are only included in this new register for one year. In other words: each year a company is tested whether it still meets the quality requirements. In addition, the level of training is becoming more and more sophisticated. There is already a follow-up course, Commissioning Manager, that follows on from the Commissioning Specialist examination and the Commissioning Authority course is in the making.

    Want to know more? Visit the DBCA website