ET Management & Advice involved in crown project in The Hague

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    ET Management & Advice’s expertise has been called upon for a complex, progressive renovation of the headquarters of a trendsetting company in The Hague. This renovation is part of a larger plan in which the entire campus in The Hague will be redeveloped and made more sustainable.

    The client’s vision is to play a leading role in the field of energy transition. By redeveloping and making its campus more sustainable, the client wants to upgrade a proverbial calling card into a national trendsetter. The building will be LEED-PLATINA certified, demonstrating that the sustainability objective has been met.

    The old head office in The Hague will be transformed into a sustainable working environment: a natural gas-free building with attention to daylight, air quality and reduced energy consumption, while its monumental status is protected. It makes the assignment a complex and extensive challenge.

    The combination of geothermal heat pump and district heating that is being used means that various control solutions have been developed to prevent energy from being wasted. One example is the daylight management system, in which sensors capture daylight and adjust the lighting in the building accordingly, leading to energy savings. Heating and ventilation levels are further tuned and adapted to room occupancy by monitoring air quality and ventilation.

    In order to manage the entire Cx process Bertus Toering, the defining face of ET Management & Advice, has been added to the team as Senior Advisor Et & Wtb and Cx Manager.