ET Management & Advice now Sertum-registered

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    ET Management & Advice has joined the Sertum register, the quality proof for recognised property maintenance experts. The registration means that Bertus Toering, the face of ET Management & Advice, is now officially recognised as Commissioning Manager (Cx-Man). To this end, ET Management & Advice not only demonstrated sufficient knowledge, experience and competences, but also successfully passed the examination held at the TVVL, the Knowledge Platform for Installation Technology.

    ET Management & Advice is now officially certified by Sertum for the following job description:

    The Commissioning Manager is responsible for the Commissioning Plan and the reporting. He/she directs the Commissioning Team in the execution of the Commissioning activities. The Commissioning Manager approves the reports and records of Commissioning activities carried out.

    The following sub-tasks fall under this common denominator:

    * Advising on and budgeting (drawing up the costs) of Commissioning activities in relation to an existing situation. This concerns different types of construction (existing/new), type of application (office, care, education, other buildings with specific demands), size, etc.

    * Being responsible for the preparation of the Commissioning plan and report.

    * Organising the Commissioning process.

    * Leading the Commissioning team.

    * Participating in construction team meetings.

    ,,I am of course proud to be registered with Sertum”, explains Bertus Toering. ,,It gives my company even more of a lustre as a whole and in the daily challenges I face.”

    Nor is registration without obligation: in order to continue Sertum registration after the year of registration, it is necessary to keep one’s knowledge up to date. To this end, Sertum, supported by the Dutch Building Commissioning Association (DBCxA), has set up a Permanent Education (PE) programme. This obliges ET Management & Advice to update their knowledge annually in terms of legislation and regulations, professional updates and, by extension, attending Intervision meetings with other commissioning specialists.

    Apart from this, a Cx-Man must meet the training and experience criteria, formulated in the framework document ‘Maatlat voor Commissioning Functionarissen’. That extensive vision document, which can be read in Dutch via this link, also states which knowledge, skills and other competences a commissioning professional should have.

    You can view the certificate by clicking HERE